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Why is Donald Trump so popular?

Why is Donald Trump so popular?

Posted September 11, 2018 09:08:51 The president-elect has been making waves on social media since announcing his presidential bid in January.

In the past week alone, Trump has been retweeting nearly 3,000 times.

Many of the comments have been positive, with many people expressing excitement over the president-to-be’s plans for the US.

However, there are also plenty of negative comments, with one user comparing Trump to Adolf Hitler.

Wrist movements are often a source of frustration for many people, especially in the US, where many Americans are stuck on their wrist.

“I’ve had a wrist that is very stiff, so I think that is a big issue,” a woman named Marlene wrote in a post on Monday.

“The fact that he’s made it so easy for the rest of us to have the same problem.

If the government just makes it so difficult, we can live life like this.”

The man also wrote, “Trump’s plan for the wrist would make it harder for us to live.

It’s the way he treats people, the way the way we treat each other, the things he does, the ways he doesn’t respect us.”

Another person, known only as “T,” added, “I feel like the people who are in the grip of this fear are the ones who are the most vulnerable to Trump’s policies.”

Many of the people on social platforms have expressed their frustration on Twitter with Trump’s plan to create a government database to track every person in the United States.

Trump is planning to create the “backdoor” database, which will allow him to track Americans who are currently incarcerated or on probation, and track their whereabouts.

He will also use it to create databases of all people in the country who have voted in the past five presidential elections.

The database will also track individuals who have been fired from their jobs or have not been in contact with their families in five years.

Trump is also proposing to create an online system for people who want to challenge their status as a protected class.

Trump has also promised to stop allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the U.S. if they are convicted of a felony, and will create a national database for people with felony convictions, including the names of those who were convicted.

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