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Trump and his supporters see a massive change in the Republican party

Trump and his supporters see a massive change in the Republican party

President Donald Trump has long been known as a Republican.

But the president’s party is not a majority.

A recent Gallup poll shows a majority of Republicans now oppose his agenda, as well as his agenda for the future.

Now the party has an identity crisis, with a majority saying they are “not sure” what to make of the president and his policies.

The GOP is on the brink of losing control of the House and Senate, with the president, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and a number of his Republican allies in the Senate and House all holding a commanding majority.

The president’s policies have been a major source of tension between his party and the public.

Trump has consistently promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and to put more control in the hands of Congress.

But there has also been a concerted effort by some Republicans to discredit the president.

They say he is an incompetent, incompetent liar, a man who is not fit to be president, and they argue that the president has done a great deal of damage to the GOP.

But many Republicans see the president as part of a larger problem within the GOP, and argue that their own party is more vulnerable.

For Trump, that has meant a steady stream of attacks and threats from outside groups, as his party seeks to hold onto power in 2018.

For Republicans, the president may have a good reason to be worried.

His approval rating has been low in recent months, and he has struggled to keep his agenda moving.

But his approval ratings are down across the board, according to Gallup, and the percentage of Republicans who approve of him is at a historic low.

He has also failed to win over many voters, especially the younger generation of voters who have largely abandoned the GOP for other, more populist forces.

In a new report, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report and the Cook Political Index, published Wednesday, they looked at more than 1,500 political and policy questions over the past year, asking about the president on a variety of issues.

The questions covered issues from his policies to the economy and foreign policy.

The findings reveal that Trump’s approval ratings have fallen off significantly in recent years.

In the past month, the number of Republicans saying they approve of the job the president is doing has dropped from 53% in April to 42% in July, a drop of 21 percentage points.

For most of the past decade, there was a fairly wide gap between those who approved of the Trump presidency and those who disapproved.

But since the summer of 2016, the gap has widened dramatically, with Trump’s disapproval rating now at around 60% compared with 47% approval.

It is a stark contrast to the early months of the year when approval numbers were in line with the historical average, which ranged between 42% and 53%.

That’s a marked shift in Trump’s public image, and it is one that is unlikely to improve.

He may have the best chance of keeping the presidency in his sights as he works to get the GOP back to majority status.

But Trump’s party faces a crisis of confidence, one that could affect their ability to govern.

The party is also struggling to maintain its majority in the House, where Republicans hold 52 seats, compared with 41 for Democrats and seven for Independents.

The report also found that the party is losing more than half of its House members from the Republican Party in the 2018 midterms, with more than 50% of them either defecting or supporting another party.

This is in part because of Trump’s policies, but also because of a split between the party’s base and more moderate Republicans.

In 2017, the party had a majority in both chambers.

But in 2018, the GOP lost just 14 seats.

The Republican Party also lost seats in state legislatures across the country, with Democrats gaining seven of the 10 most populated seats.

As the party continues to lose seats in the midterm elections, the challenge will only grow for the president to maintain his hold on power.

“Republicans have a long history of losing the House when the president takes office, and now the party faces the worst midterm midterm performance in a generation,” said Jonathan Bernstein, the co-director of the Cook University Center for Public Opinion.

“Democrats are on the right side of history and their congressional majorities are in better shape than in years past.

The future is brighter than ever, and Trump’s problems are the worst of them all.”

The report comes as Trump has ramped up his attack on the party in an effort to force Republicans to support his agenda.

The White House has launched a series of attacks, including one last week that accused Republican lawmakers of “going all in” on Trump’s agenda.

And it has threatened to sue Democrats over their handling of the health care law, which Republicans have been working to repeal since its passage in 2010.

In its report, Cook pointed out that Republicans lost a majority to Democrats in Congress in every House election since 2010, but the gap in House races between the parties is not as large as it

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