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A guide to the ‘blexit’ movement

A guide to the ‘blexit’ movement

By Paul Boudreau and John MacDougall-WilsonPublished January 10, 2017 12:58:08A number of anti-Brexit movements have been growing in popularity since the UK voted to leave the European Union in June.

But one of the biggest, the Americanization Movement, is not confined to Britain.

In fact, its roots are as much in Europe as it is in the US.

In an article titled Americanization movement’s roots in the ‘Blexit’ campaign, The Sport Book claims to have uncovered a “world-wide movement” that was formed by American college students after they were told they were not being considered as a national elite.

The movement, which calls itself the Americanized Movement, was formed in 2017 by American students and faculty at the University of Virginia and has attracted more than 30,000 members, according to The Sport.

While many members hail from the United States, they do not share a common language and are not considered Americans by some.

The Movement was founded in 2017, according the The Sport, after an American student told the group that they were being considered a national-level elite and that they did not want to be a “bloated, stinky-wet, lazy, old-school-type of elite.”

This is not to say that these students do not have some American culture, but the group was created with a more “Americanized” mindset.

“It’s a way to connect with people that are new to us,” said the group’s founder, a former member of the US Marine Corps.

“You know, like, we’re not like this anymore, you know, you’re not as white as we are, we don’t wear the same kind of suits and stuff,” she said.

In the article, the author notes that the Movement was formed “because of a few people at UVA who felt like they weren’t being recognized as a nation.”

But The Sport does not make the students a national class, but rather the movement’s founders claim it was formed because of the “blob” of people they did and did not recognize.

This “blubbering” was not limited to American students.

The Sport also claims that some of the movement members are actually “white supremacists.”

In addition to being an anti-Trump movement, The Sports article claims the movement “is based on a lot of racial paranoia and prejudice.”

The movement was founded by students and a former Marine Corps member, who has since moved on to create a number of new “alt-right” groups.

In one instance, the former Marine explained the movement is “not a political movement per se, but it is a bunch of people who believe they are being persecuted, and they are not.

They believe they’re being demonized, they’re not being told to change their culture.

They’re being told that their culture is not the one that we want, or they’re having to do things that are different than what they’re used to.”

Despite the rhetoric, the movement does not have any political leanings.

In fact, the members of the Movement were “very clear that they are white nationalists, and that we’re white nationalists,” said one of its founders, who was not identified by name in the article.

“They think we’re all racist, and so, yeah, we are,” the former member said.

“We believe in the idea of the European melting pot and we’re just trying to figure out what’s going on,” he said.

The Americanization Movements members are “very white nationalist,” the Marine said.

He believes that there is a “real and present threat to the white race and white culture.”

“There are a lot more white people out there, a lot less white people,” the retired Marine said, noting that he has seen a rise in white supremacist activity in the UK and other countries.

In response to The Sports’ article, one member of The Americanization Network said, “We think it’s an accurate portrayal of our movement.”

“We’ve got a lot on our plate right now,” said The Americanized Network member, a 29-year-old named Chris.

“I think a lot will change, but I think it’ll still be white people, and I think we’ll still have a white culture, just like we did before the Brexit vote.”

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