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The first year of the new joint, the new hip-hop music genre

The first year of the new joint, the new hip-hop music genre

FourFourThreeOriginally published: October 20, 2018 11:35:28All too often, the music industry sees its biggest stars as being the ones who are going to make the biggest waves.

They’re the ones that will take the biggest risks, they’re the one that will have the most fans.

It’s easy to forget, however, that the biggest stars in this industry aren’t just making big money and fame.

They are also making huge sacrifices in order to stay in the spotlight.

For the past year, the genre of hip-hopping has been dominated by a handful of young, talented stars who have been given the reins of the genre by the likes of Jay-Z, Big Sean, Lil Wayne and Big Sean’s daughter, Biggie Smalls.

The new hip hop is dominated by the younger, talented rappers who are trying to take their game to the next level.

But what does that mean for us?

It means that in 2017, the world of hip hop music was left without a clear, definitive champion.

This year, there were no new stars to be found, and even the most talented rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Drake’s daughter Big Sean and Biggie Lamar were struggling to make it to the top.

And it was a year where no-one seemed to be taking the genre seriously.

For some artists, this is not surprising.

For others, it is.

However, for some, it means something entirely different.

In this article, we will discuss the most successful artists from 2017 and talk about the future of hip hip hop.

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