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How to make the perfect apple pie

How to make the perfect apple pie

It is not a perfect apple, says John C. Wright, a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Toronto.

It is also not an apple pie.

But it is a pie.

And the best pie in the world is the apple pie, Wright says.

It is no coincidence that Wright is referring to the pie that has been named the most perfect apple in the English language by the Guinness Book of World Records, the pie made with a mix of apples from different varieties of the apple tree, according to The Irish News.

The pie has been created by a team of Irish people working with the apple trees, which are planted in the southern part of Ireland.

It was first unveiled at the 2015 National Geographic Apple Festival in Washington, D.C., where the pie was named the world’s best apple.

It has become an international sensation, with thousands of people making apple pie recipes.

For those who prefer pie crusts, the Guinness World Record for the most pie crust is 5 pounds.

But that pie crust does not have to be made entirely of pie crust, says Wright.

He recommends using a pie-making mat, a baking sheet or a pie dish.

Wright is also known as the “anatomy guy,” which is a reference to the fact that he has a passion for anatomy.

“We do an anatomy of pie, and we do an anatomical of pie,” Wright said.

There are several types of pie.

A traditional pie is a very thin layer of crust made of the pie ingredients, like butter and flour.

A very thin, thin crust is used for most kinds of pie pies, including those with fruit.

A pie is also made by mixing a filling of flour, sugar and apples.

The filling is then topped with a piece of cheese or a piece the shape of a star.

The Guinness Book has been able to track down a recipe for a pie that uses a pie filling with a layer of dough on top, as well as a filling made from the fruit of an apple tree.

“They’re all different things, but they all look very similar,” Wright explained.

It’s an unusual pie recipe.

The Guinness book says the pie recipe must be “made entirely of the fruit or fruit and nut of an orange or a pear tree.”

The pie, as the name suggests, has a layer in the middle.

When the pie is baked, the fruit, usually the fruit on top of the crust, is removed.

This allows the crust to rise and cool, allowing the filling to cook and form.

The Guinness Book says that this can be achieved by placing a piece or two of cheese in the center of the dough.

It should not be confused with a crust made from an apple that is baked and cooled.

A pie made from fresh, frozen, canned or fresh fruit is called a “fresh pie,” the Guinness book adds.

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