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FPI Movement leader, Ahmad Ziyad, is killed in clashes with the security forces in Far East

FPI Movement leader, Ahmad Ziyad, is killed in clashes with the security forces in Far East

FPI movement leader Ahmad Zibari is killed by security forces during clashes with police in the western province of Jammu and Kashmir, local sources told News24.

“Ahmad Zibarari is a fighter of the FPI and was killed in the clashes with security forces,” a senior security source said.

Zibari was part of the group of activists who participated in the protests against the controversial Anti-Terrorism Act, also known as AAT Act, which was enacted by the BJP-led government in 2017.

The group had taken a series of stand against the AAT, including the cancellation of the draft of the controversial Bill that will be sent to Parliament.

Earlier, security sources said that Zibaria was shot in the abdomen at around 2.15 pm on Monday in Baramulla village near Kupwara, Jammu.

Zibaria, along with several other activists, had led the protest against the anti-AAT bill.

Police had deployed around 100 personnel to protect the village and had also set up a road block at a bus stand in the locality.ZIBARIA’S LAST VIDEO ZIBARI’S last video of the protest in the district showed a group of protesters on the road outside a local shop in Baramsara.

A police official told News18 that a case has been registered against Zibary, a local resident, under sections 153, 307 (murder), 324 (disorderly conduct) of the Indian Penal Code and section 18 of the Prevention of Atrocities (Prevention of Atrributes) Act.

At least one person, who was also in the area, was injured in the incident.

The Jammu region is home to more than 1,000 people who are involved in the FPA, a movement to prevent Kashmir from being divided into two states.

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