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How to build a ‘muscle’ movement to fight the opioid crisis

How to build a ‘muscle’ movement to fight the opioid crisis

A movement of Catholic workers in the United States is calling for Catholic leaders and religious leaders to take a more aggressive stance against the opioid epidemic.

Mona Binkley, a chaplain at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Philadelphia, told Fox News that the church is asking its clergy to call for an end to the opioid addiction crisis and for more help for opioid-addicted Catholics to receive the proper support and support systems.

“The opioid crisis is a health crisis,” Binkly said.

“We are all impacted by the opioid situation.

We need to find ways to stop this crisis.”

Binkley said the opioid drug crisis has caused an increase in opioid deaths, particularly among women and young people.

She said that she is especially concerned about the opioid deaths among the clergy because the clergy have not been trained in how to address addiction in their communities.

“This is a crisis that we are all struggling with,” Binky said.

“We have a long history of suffering from addiction.

We’ve been here before.

But we have this great spiritual tradition and faith, but we’ve failed to address it.”

Binkingley said that there are many people in Catholic churches that are struggling with addiction, and that many of them are also Catholic.

“I think the opioid issue is an issue of spiritual and physical health,” she said.

Binkly noted that some of the issues in the Catholic Church that are being discussed in the wake of the opioid crises include the use of alcohol and drugs, and how to deal with the spiritual needs of a person who is struggling with an addiction.

“Many people are dealing with these issues, but I think that we also need to address the spiritual health issues of many of the people who are experiencing these issues,” Binksley said.

Pope Francis has called for more action by the Catholic church and has also been supportive of the Catholic Worker Movement, a movement of nuns, priests, and religious who have been working to end the opioid problem.

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