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Art movement of ‘catholic worker’ protest to feature in Australia’s next film festival

Art movement of ‘catholic worker’ protest to feature in Australia’s next film festival

A catholic working class movement is organising a protest in Melbourne to highlight the plight of its members in a film festival.

Key points:The “catholically-based” workers have been demanding their right to union recognition in the workplaceThe group says it has been targeted by the government for yearsIt will be held on September 12 in the CBD and is set to feature performances by the Australian Ballet and Ballet Melbourne and the Ballet Theatre Company.

The group, called Catholic Worker Movement, is organising protests outside the Melbourne Film Festival in September to raise awareness of its plight and to call on the government to guarantee the rights of workers in the arts.

“We are asking for the Government to protect the rights and welfare of the people in the art industry,” the group said in a statement.

“These people have been targeted for years by the Commonwealth and the State Government, and their rights have been ignored by the State and Commonwealth Government.”

The group is demanding the right to equal pay, safe working conditions and the right for workers to unionise.

“Culture is the heart and soul of the arts and the people who do the work that sustains and sustains the arts are the heart of Australia’s culture,” it said.

“It is our collective duty to support them, to organise, to show our support for them and to ensure that our voices are heard.”

Organisers say they are looking for a group of 50 or so workers to take part.

“The demands of Catholic Worker movement are quite broad, but we also believe that the demands of artists are even broader,” Mr Anderson said.

“They include the right of the community to support the artists, the right and responsibility of artists to respect the arts, and to participate in the community, so we want to make sure that we give the arts the support they need to survive.”

The movement is also calling for a greater respect for Indigenous Australians, and has been making a big deal of the plight they have suffered since the end of the Australian federal government’s occupation of the Malay Peninsula in 1989.

“When we were told we were going to be out of work for the rest of our lives and we were not going to have any other jobs, and there were going, in the back of our minds, to take us to court, it was just such a huge shock,” Mr Evans said.

“But now, we’re at a time where we are living on the streets of Melbourne and we’re fighting for our rights.”

I can’t see how it would be fair to give that to someone who’s been treated so badly, to someone in a situation where they are now living in homelessness.

“The workers have taken to social media to share their stories of discrimination, including a call for a boycott of the festival, with a message that has been shared more than 400,000 times.

They are also hoping to be included in an upcoming film festival at the University of Melbourne, due to be released in August.

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