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The Sunrise Movement: A Guide to the Resistance Movement in Canada

The Sunrise Movement: A Guide to the Resistance Movement in Canada

The Sunrise movement was created in Canada in late 2013.

A group of Indigenous women activists gathered to talk about the issues that are affecting them, and to advocate for the protection of the Earth and the water resources that are vital to our culture.

The movement was inspired by the Indigenous women’s movement of the 1930s and 1940s and has been the target of racist and sexist comments since its creation.

The Sunrise is the name of a Canadian organization that focuses on protecting the environment, protecting biodiversity, and protecting women’s rights.

The Movement’s motto is, “We are the Resistance.”

The movement’s goal is to ensure that Indigenous women are able to live their lives in harmony with their Indigenous cultures and their lands.

The women’s community is known as the “resistance” because of their commitment to protecting the planet and the rights of all Canadians.

What is the Sunrise Movement?

The Sunrise community has many different initiatives to protect our environment and our rights, including: Protecting the planet, including water, land, forests, and other natural resources Protecting our culture and land, including land, water, and air rights Protecting Indigenous rights, cultural, and religious heritage Protecting water resources, including pipelines and dams Protecting lands, rivers, and water bodies in our community.

It’s important to understand the history of the Sunrise movement.

What’s the Sunrise community?

The “resistant” community started in late 2014.

Since then, the Sunrise has expanded to include other Indigenous women and a new generation of activists.

Some Sunrise activists, including Indigenous women like Marcy Stokes, are leading campaigns against pipeline projects and for the right to hunt and fish in protected lands.

Other Sunrise activists are working to stop the mining and oil extraction industries in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as to prevent oil spills in the Arctic.

How do I get involved with the Sunrise?

Join the Sunrise on Facebook or sign up to our newsletter.

Find more information on the Sunrise’s work and activism at the Sunrise website.

What can you do if you’re not part of the Resistance?

If you’re a member of the resistance, it’s important that you continue to work with others who share your values.

If you are not part to the resistance movement, it is important that others not be seen as outsiders, but as part of our community and our shared struggle.

Find out more about how to work alongside the resistance.

Find other Indigenous people who are active in the resistance: If you want to support people who work to protect the environment and Indigenous lands, and want to help them achieve their goals, it would be helpful to talk to Indigenous leaders and organizations who are working with people of colour, Indigenous women, and LGBTQ people.

It would also be helpful if you were able to talk with people who have experienced racism, colonialism, or are members of other Indigenous communities.

Find ways to connect with other activists who are involved with protecting the Earth: If there is a place you’d like to support other activists, please get in touch.

It is important to find other people who support the Earth, its resources, and the people who live on the Earth.

If possible, you can also support other people and organizations in your area who are protecting the earth.

How can I become a Sunrise member?

If the Resistance is your focus, you may join the Sunrise group on Facebook.

If not, you might consider joining the Resistance’s online forums, where you can connect with others in the Resistance who are trying to protect Indigenous lands and the land rights of Indigenous people.

If your organization or community is interested in being part of a Resistance, contact your local Resistance organization or get in contact with other Resistance groups.

You can also join the Resistance online.

If the resistance is a challenge, there are many ways you can help: Find ways you’re part of Indigenous peoples’ resistance.

Organizing and advocating for Indigenous rights and culture is a vital way to connect to other people from different Indigenous communities who are also fighting to protect their lands and resources.

Find Indigenous leaders who support protecting our environment.

This is important for any resistance movement.

Join the Resistance on Facebook to support the work of others.

Help to find ways to engage with other people’s issues.

Support the Resistance by speaking up and supporting other activists.

Find resources to help you with your Resistance work.

Organize to protect your land, land rights, and environmental resources.

Join a Resistance camp or support an Indigenous organization.

Find an Indigenous camp in your community to help with your work.

Learn more about the Resistance in Canada.

Read more about Indigenous activism.

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