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How to make your own anti-Zionist billboard

How to make your own anti-Zionist billboard

The anti-Israel movement has been going strong for a long time, and one of its main tenets is to make people think about what they’re really buying into.

The anti -Israel movement often goes by the moniker “anti-Zionsist” but that’s not necessarily accurate, as there are many anti-Semitic and anti-Arab groups within the movement.

Some groups that do get their name from anti-Semitism are called “anti -Zionists” because they believe Israel is a foreign occupier of Palestine, a belief that is often used to delegitimize the Palestinian cause.

In the case of Zionsist movement anti-Americanism, the movement often refers to itself as “Zionism Against Anti-Semitism.”

Anti -Zionsists have long been associated with conspiracy theories and outright lies, but now a new group has come out to counter that, and it’s called the Anti – Zionists Coalition.

The Anti – Zionists Coalition is a grassroots coalition that aims to take on the Zionist movement.

It includes a wide variety of organizations and individuals who believe in the anti-Palestinian movement.

In a press release on its website, the Anti-Zioneists Coalition explains that they want to make the anti – Zionism movement a “national movement.”

They’re a new organization that has been started by a number of people, and they’re calling it the Anti Zionists Alliance.

“The Anti Zionist Alliance believes that Zionism is not only an occupation of Palestine but also an attack on the United States,” the statement says.

“This includes the American state as well as the United Nations.”

The group is calling on people to be aware of the movement’s activities and to “stand against the propaganda of the Zionist lobby and to fight for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.”

Anti -Zio has always had a history of spreading lies, even to people that have been accused of it.

That’s why the group has made a name for itself in the past by spreading false information.

For example, when the Anti Zionist Organization (AOA) tried to stop the group from staging a protest in Israel, the group was quick to say they didn’t care about Israel and didn’t even have any problem with Jews protesting.

However, a number other groups that are associated with the movement have also been accused and/or prosecuted for spreading false rumors.AOA is not the only group that is spreading lies about the Anti Zionism movement.

The AOA even started a fake website called “The Anti Zionist Propaganda Agency” that claims that the movement is anti-Christian and anti -Muslim.

AOA also claims that “Zionsism Against Islam” is a secret organization that is responsible for spreading hate against Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Arabs.

Zion’s campaign to delegitimate the anti Zionist movement is already underway.

The Anti – Zionist Coalition announced that they’re planning a march on the U.S. Capitol on February 5th, 2018.

The event will take place in front of the U!


Congress building in Washington, D.C. The march is called “No to Anti-Jewish Racist Propaganda.”

The event was first planned for February 4, 2018 but the Anti Israel Coalition says the march was postponed due to a security issue.

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