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Why you should love this year’s #WeAreTrump #WeWillResist movement

Why you should love this year’s #WeAreTrump #WeWillResist movement

As I write this, we are witnessing the beginnings of the resistance movement.

A new group of protesters calling themselves #WeThePeople are staging a “March Against Trump.”

We Are The People’s first big public event took place in downtown Brooklyn on Saturday, and their goal is to draw attention to the billionaire’s racism, sexism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

Their goal?

To push the Trump administration to end the war on drugs, ban all Muslims from entering the United States, and end “Islamophobia” and other forms of “Muslim hate speech.”

A “March for Justice” is also scheduled for Monday.

This is the movement I was inspired to join after witnessing the #WeResist demonstrations in Washington DC last weekend.

I have not attended one of these demonstrations, but I know the feeling of solidarity and the hope that this movement is spreading.

These are not isolated incidents, and they are not unique to the US.

The movement is growing.

In a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center in February, 57% of Americans said they would support an end to the war against drugs and the ban on Muslims entering the US if it came to that.

The #WeDo movement is gaining steam, and it is a sign that the Trump presidency has lost its grip on the American people.

The resistance movement was started by a group of young people in Seattle in January, and its mission is to fight against the war, ban Muslims, and stop the Islamophobia and racism that is fueling the rise of the alt-right movement.

But in the face of these powerful forces, the resistance is finding strength.

A recent poll conducted for NPR and the Guardian found that 54% of the American public supported an end and ban on the entry of Muslims into the US, while only 29% were opposed.

And in the last week alone, more than 4,000 #WeMove participants have taken to the streets across the country, and the movement has already drawn national attention.

What does the resistance look like?

In the past, the # WeDo movement has attracted support from diverse groups, from Black Lives Matter activists to members of Occupy Wall Street.

But now that the war is officially over, the movement is also attracting the support of white nationalist groups, including white nationalists who have historically fought against the US government.

This trend is not surprising, because white nationalist and anti-Semitic groups have long sought to delegitimize the American government.

In this respect, #We do is similar to the movement that began during the Arab Spring, where activists demanded the government shut down the media and press, and fought for a boycott of Israeli products.

In other words, while the # we do movement is an offshoot of the Arab revolutions, its goal is the same: to challenge the status quo.

But instead of focusing on the political process, # We Do is focused on the movement of everyday people, who are calling for change in society.

It is not just a political movement, and many activists, including the organizers of # We do, are not concerned about the election of a president who is likely to reverse the progress of the Obama administration.

They also do not see the need to change their tactics.

Rather, they are focused on their fundamental beliefs, which are that racism and sexism and Islamophobic hate speech should not be tolerated, that racism, Islamophobia, and Islamophilia have no place in our society, and that the government has a responsibility to protect and defend the rights of people of all races and religions.

In the meantime, # wedo is focused primarily on the people and the movements it aims to help.

It seeks to change the way we think about racism and the oppression of people and communities.

In fact, its founding members have explicitly said that their focus is on a “non-violent resistance movement” rather than a “political movement.”

They are not afraid to say that they do not want to see the US become a “colony of Muslim supremacists,” but they do see a need for an end in sight.

This may sound a bit extreme, but these activists are not trying to fight the establishment.

They are looking to change it.

They want to change our society in order to be better.

And as we approach the first major anniversary of the #Trump administration, the first of the movements they have started is already showing its worth.

The protests, marches, and protests have shown that this resistance movement is not only gaining strength.

Its leaders are not only doing the right thing by the people.

They have also given the US a powerful voice in the global debate on race and racism.

That has been an important lesson for those who see the resistance as a vehicle for a different way of thinking about race and oppression.

What is the # WE DO movement?

# We are the People is an organization that has been formed in order “to change the world, not just the US.”

In the US there are currently more than 8 million undocumented immigrants, many of whom are children

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