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Which side are you on in the fire?

Which side are you on in the fire?

On Monday, a new report published by Amnesty International found that more than a quarter of the world’s countries are now in a state of emergency, and more than half of the countries in Africa are under an emergency declaration.

The report, titled “Africa in Emergency: The State of Emergency in 60 Countries”, paints a bleak picture of what is coming. 

The report, which has just been released, paints a stark picture of the state of affairs in Africa. 

“Africa is facing a state emergency, an emergency that has not been seen since the outbreak of World War II,” the report says.

“The emergency has not led to the return of normalcy or to an end to violence, but instead it has led to a dramatic rise in poverty and economic insecurity.”

The report also highlights the impact that an economic collapse and a war of aggression have had on the continent. 

Africa, which accounts for less than 3% of the global population, has been affected by both conflict and economic instability since the end of the second world war. 

It has seen a rapid growth in economic inequality. 

Between 1991 and 2012, the average income per person in Africa has risen by an average of 2.6% per annum. 

This has led many to question the wisdom of Western economic interventions. 

Despite this, the report points out that “the majority of countries in the world are in a transitional period, with the exception of a few countries in East Africa, where economic and social stability is still fragile”.

“The transitional period has been marked by instability, political uncertainty, and economic decline, which have been exacerbated by conflicts and wars.”

The world’s population now stands at 7.4 billion, and the number of people living in poverty has risen from 14.2 billion in 2000 to 29.6 billion in 2012. 

As a result, Africa has seen the rise in unemployment from 25.7% in 2000, to 31.5% in 2012, according to the International Labour Organization. 

In 2013, Africa’s unemployment rate was 21.5%, the highest in the G8 and the second highest in sub-Saharan Africa.

The report says that the number and severity of conflict have also led to increased inequality and poverty. 

According to the report, the number, and severity, of conflicts in Africa have been increasing over the past five years, while the number has increased by more than 30% in five years. 

Many countries in Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa have experienced large-scale conflicts, and they have led to mass displacement. 

During the last two years, conflict in South Sudan has seen more than 50,000 people forced to flee the country. 

And since 2014, the country has seen another conflict, this time with the armed group Boko Haram. 

Both of these conflicts have killed more than 300,000 civilians and forced thousands of people from their homes. 

On the political front, it is the rise of Islamophobia and Islamophobia in Africa that has led some countries to question whether it is a worthwhile investment to invest in a continent that is rapidly becoming more ethnically diverse. 

While it is not possible to predict how events in the region will unfold, it seems safe to say that the world is heading towards an even darker future. 

Amnesty International report, ‘Africa: In Emergency: A State of Crisis’, is available to download here. 

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