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How to find a new movement in your community

How to find a new movement in your community

A movement is defined by its ability to affect the collective consciousness of people, regardless of where they live.

It may be in the news, or it may be dormant.

In a country like Australia, there are plenty of places to find that elusive “true” movement.

What makes a movement unique is the number of people who participate.

So how do you get more people involved?

The answer lies in finding the movement’s roots in an existing movement, like the abolitionist movement or the women’s suffrage movement.

But there are also many ways to get involved.

First, find out who the movement is based on.

Are you a movement for equality, or a movement to preserve the status quo?

Where do you think the movement will take us in the future?

Find out by visiting the movement.findmyfellowmovement.com, or by emailing the organisers of your favourite movement with a link to their site.

The next step is to find your niche.

Is it a group of like-minded people who want to achieve something in the world?

Or is it a new and untested idea that’s already in the public eye?

It’s also important to find out how the movement fits into broader social trends.

If you’re interested in politics, how are your members engaged?

Are they engaged in social justice work, or in activism against discrimination?

There are plenty more ideas to explore.

If all this isn’t enough, there’s also the opportunity to find an audience.

You can find an existing or newly launched movement online by visiting their website.

There are several ways you can engage, from giving the movement a shout-out on social media to providing information on how to donate to their cause.

The final step is finding a community to work with.

You might have a small group of friends, or you could start a local group.

You could even organise a grassroots campaign that will take the movement to the next level.

In the meantime, you can also find out more about your favourite movements by visiting these websites: ABC Fact Check: What is a movement?

Source ABC News | ABC Fact Checking: What are the origins of Australian social movements?

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