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A post shared by Free Brianna

A post shared by Free Brianna

The hashtag Free Briannas movement has been gaining steam and has been growing in popularity, with many believing the hashtag could be the next step towards a feminist revolution.

The movement is led by the actress and activist Brianna Wu, and it aims to be an inclusive, inclusive movement that aims to transform the way women are treated in the entertainment industry.

The campaign has gained a lot of attention, with Wu calling for all women to be included in it.

Wu told BuzzFeed News that she hopes that the movement will inspire other women to do the same.

“The more women who are empowered to speak out and to fight back and to be counted, then we can change the world for the better,” Wu said.

“The women are the future of the world.

We are not the next billion.”

Wu added that the idea behind the hashtag is to give women more power, to empower them to stand up and say something.

“There is a lot that we can do to help empower more women in the industry,” Wu told Buzzfeed News.

“We are all women, and we all have our own stories.

I am a survivor of sexual assault.

I was abused in my early teens.

I experienced domestic violence, sexual assault and murder.

I have experienced discrimination.

So I am not going to say that this movement is perfect, but I am very much in favor of what we are doing.

We can do better.”

The hashtag #FreeBrianna was started in March and Wu said that the campaign is the most powerful thing that has happened in the last year, and she hopes to help bring about change in Hollywood.

“It is an incredible moment in history to be able to say we are going to fight for women in entertainment,” Wu continued.

“I think the women of the internet are the next generation of leaders, and they are the ones who will transform the world.”

Wu said it is important that women have the opportunity to stand out.

“This is our time to speak,” she said.

“[We] have the power to change our culture, our business, our industry.

We have the responsibility to change the culture of Hollywood and change the way we treat women.”

Wu also believes that the industry needs to stop focusing on the stereotypical depiction of women in media, as many women have struggled to find representation.

“They have this stereotypical idea of what it is to be a woman in the media.

We don’t have that, and I think that the world needs to be more open to everyone,” Wu explained.

“You have to accept who you are, and you have to take ownership of who you represent.”

Brianna and Wu are both in their 30s, and Wu has been a prominent advocate for the cause since the beginning of her career.

Wu is also a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she studied film and television, and also received a Master of Arts in English Literature from the University at Buffalo.

The actor was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2015.

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