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How to celebrate the dawn of dawn on March 15, 2018

How to celebrate the dawn of dawn on March 15, 2018

As part of the March 15 Indian National Day celebrations, India has decided to celebrate its sunrise with a traditional Bharatiya Janata Party rally.

On Saturday, the BJP is holding its first ever rally on March 8, the date of India’s Independence Day.

The BJP is planning to celebrate with the Bharatiyatas Bharatiyan Vidyarthi Parishad, a nationalist organisation that has been at the forefront of protesting against the use of genetically modified food in the country.

Organisers of the rally said they would bring the theme of “Bharatiya Vidyarathiyya” – “unity in diversity” – and also bring along a traditional sunrise display, which they said will take up the space allotted to the BJP’s rallies by the organisers of the previous rallies.

They also said the rally would be organised under the slogan, “Bihar, Gujarat, Kerala and Punjab: India will celebrate the sunrise on March 18.”BJP spokesman Ajay Maken said the party was organising the rally as part of its celebrations for the Indian National day.

“It is a patriotic day, and the party will use this occasion to promote the cause of the unity of India,” he said.

“We will also bring a number of leaders from these states.

They will be the leaders of the Bharat Mata Samiti, and they will be making speeches on this occasion.”

The rally has been organised to mark the birthday of former chief minister Nitish Kumar, who led the state government for a decade until he was killed by Congress leader Kalyan Singh in 2014.

Maken said that the rally had been organised under strict guidelines, with the BJP saying they were following the guidelines set out by the party.

“In order to protect the peaceful march, we have decided to not allow any person to come to the venue and we have instructed our volunteers not to give the venue any importance,” he told NDTV.

“We are not planning any big events on the date, but we are organising this event to celebrate Bharati’s birthday.”

Maken added that the BJP planned to invite “many more” leaders, including former Union minister Jairam Ramesh, who had also been criticised by the Congress for being a “conspiracy theorist”.

Ramesh had said the “Hindu fundamentalist agenda” was behind the attacks on Gandhi and his followers.

“If there is a need to talk about a conspiracy theory, it should be a conspiracy to assassinate Gandhi,” he had said in October.

“It is all about the Hindu fundamentalist agenda.

They want to create fear among people in this country.”AJ Singh, the leader of the BJP-ruled Bihar assembly, had also called for a rally on the same day.

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