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Why a woman is finally fighting for feminism’s future in the green belt

Why a woman is finally fighting for feminism’s future in the green belt

It is a new day for the feminist movement in Victoria.

The Greens are back in power.

They are taking power away from the Liberal Party.

And their candidate for the Green Belt, a former lawyer and former minister, has gone from being a fringe figure to a star of the party.

The Greens’ resurgence in Victoria means the debate about feminism has a renewed focus on the political and economic implications of the women’s movement.

But the debate is still not as fresh as it was just a few years ago.

A new generation of feminists has arrived in Victoria, and the debate surrounding feminism has become much more sophisticated and nuanced, said Gillian Walshe, co-chair of the Women’s Equality Party, which is an offshoot of the Greens.

“I think the people who were the original founders of the feminist movements in Victoria and the UK are now getting younger, and it’s not the same conversation,” she said.

Walshe said that the women are being listened to more, with the new generation more aware of what feminism is.

She added that the new feminists are also having more impact in the workplace, as they are “the ones that have to be accountable.”

Walsh said that women who are still in their 30s are being pushed out of the workforce and out of mainstream politics.

And the fact that women are becoming more visible on the electoral ballot paper is part of the change, she said, noting that the Greens’ support has increased from 30 per cent in 2014 to 40 per cent this year.

In Victoria, the Greens are the only political party that is also on the ballot paper, according to Walsher.

So when the Greens win seats in Victoria in 2017, it will mark the end of the political career of a once-iconic figure, said Walshel.

As Victoria has returned to a more conservative mode, and a woman gets elected as the Greens candidate in the Greenbelt, a new generation will be in the mix, she added.

There is a lot of energy for the Greens, but they are also the only party that will win seats, Walsh said.

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